20TH CENTURY BLUES, the flat-out hit of the American Contemporary Theatre Festival, opens on Tuesday, January 23rd at 8 pm! Starring Annie Miners, Deborah Jacobson, Marjorie Paul-Shook, Peggy Montgomery, Kathy Russ, and Justin Ahearn, and directed by Joy Hawkins. Grab the best seats now on the TICKETS page of this website!


Jan 23, 2018 thru Feb 17, 2018

Written By: Susan Miller

Directed By: Joy Hawkins

This sharply funny and evocative exploration of time was the flat our hit of the 2016 Contemporary American Theatre Festival in the 25th season. The play centers on four women who bonded as protesters one night in jail in their youth. Through the vagaries of love, careers, children, and lost causes, the women reunite once a year for a photo shoot, chronicling their changing selves. But when these private photos have the potential to become part of a public exhibit, mutiny erupts and relationships are tested. Featuring Marjorie Paul-Shook, Annie Miners, Peggy Montgomery, Deborah Jacobson, Kathy Russ, and Justin Ahearn.


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