FINAL WEEK!!! 20TH CENTURY BLUES, the flat-out hit of the American Contemporary Theatre Festival, continues through this Saturday, February 17, with all performances at 8 pm! Starring Annie Miners, Deborah Jacobson, Marjorie Paul-Shook, Peggy Montgomery, Kathy Russ, and Justin Ahearn, and directed by Joy Hawkins. Grab the remaining seats now on the TICKETS page of this website!



Red Barn Theatre holds auditions for two plays and a musical for its 2013-2014 year on Sunday, May 12 from 4 to 7 p.m at the theatre at 319 Duval Street, Rear.


The first play is Clybourne Park  by Bruce Norris. The most talked about hot new property in the country.  Wickedly funny and fiercely provocative show about race, real estate and the volatile values of each. Directed by Carole MacCartee.

Clybourne Park explodes in two outrageous acts set 50 years apart.  Act One takes place in 1959, as nervous community leaders anxiously try to stop the sale of a home to a black family.  Act Two is set in the same house in the present day, as the now predominantly African-American neighborhood battles to hold its ground in the face of gentrification. Honored, acclaimed and completely uproarious.

Characters:  Male:

Russ (white, late 40’s, brooding, volatile)

Jim (white, late 20s, 30’s,minister, insipid, tries to be jovial)

Albert (black,30’s, low-key, dry wit, husband of a maid)

Karl (white, 30’s, 40’s, head of homeowners association, fussy, supercilious)



Bev (white, 40’s, bruised, hopeful, naive)

Francine (black, 30’s, housekeeper, restrained, circumspect)

Betsy (white, late 20’s, 30’s, deaf, sweet, outgoing)


All actors play a totally different character in Act Two.


Dan (Russ in Act I; workingman, chatty, easygoing, oblivious)

Tom (Jim in Act I; businesslike until he’s not)

Kevin (Albert in Act I; smart, nice, not afraid of confrontation)

Steve (Karl in Act I; well-meaning, flustered, defensive)


Kathy (Bev in Act I; no nonsense, dry wit)

Lena (Francine in Act I; well-heeled, activist, skeptical)

Lindsey (Betsy in Act I; sarcastic, combative, funny)

Contact MacCartee with any questions: 305-296-5587.




The second show is Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang and directed by Joy Hawkins. A master of comedy, Durang, has set his new rapturously reviewed play in Bucks, County, PA.  Vanya and his stepsister, Sonia lived their entire lives in the family’s farm house taking care of their ailing parents while their sister, Masha has been gallivanting around the world as a movie star.  Their soothsayer/cleaning woman Cassandra warns of terrible things in the future which includes a sudden visit from Masha and her boy toy Spike.

Nominated for a 2013 Tony Award; Winner of the New York Critics Circle Award for Best Play.


Characters (all actors need nuanced comic ability and a physical freeness):


Vanya  (50’s, 60’s, resigned to his life, more or less, dour, a master of comic underplaying)

Sonia (50’s 60s, his stepsister, discontent, sad, regretful, sense of longing for a life not lived)

Masha (50’s, 60’s, glamorous, competitive, self-absorbed, insecure move star)

Spike (late 20’s or 30’s) stunning, buff, rather stupid aspiring actor, great moves. Masha’s new boy toy.

Cassandra (any age or ethnicity, cleaning woman who knows her way around a voodoo doll.)

Nina (20’s, dewy, star struck, energetic, lovely.  Visiting her aunt and uncle next door.  Would be actress)

Contact Hawkins at for further imformation.


In addition, there will be auditions for parts in a musical.  The precise show has not yet been determined.  Come prepared to sing a song you know well.


Remember there is no parking at the theatre.  Please come by bicycle or park elsewhere and walk in.

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