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Jul 6, 2015

Written By: Bob Bowersox

Directed By: Bob Bowersox

A special one-night-only staged reading of the new play by Key West playwright Bob Bowersox, author of the hits Person of Interest, Moment of Grace, and The Poetry of Hearts. Starring David Black, Mary Falconer, and Tom Murtha. Death, a curmudgeonly complainer, has had it. He hates what he does, feels he gets no respect, and has developed a serious sense of worthlessness. Life, on the other hand — a voluptuous earth-mother type — is having an explosive, creative ball. Then Death informs Life that he quits, and the real problems begin. It takes a mortal man — now at least 190 years old because nothing seems to die anymore — to re-instill a sense of value in Death before the metaphysical ship of being rights itself.

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