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Oklahoma Smith the Pantheon of Annihilation

Apr 30, 2013 thru May 25, 2013

Written By: Mike Marrero & Chris Shultz

Directed By: Mike Marrero

Red Barn Theatre presents a unique “choose-your-own adventure” experience from Key West creatives Mike Marrero and Chris Shultz: Oklahoma Smith And The Pantheon of Annihilation!

Get ready for a wild ride as famed explorer Oklahoma Smith and his trusty sidekick Beanpole set out to find the lost “Book of the Dead” and save the world from the evil Mistress Nefarious.  However, they encounter the “Decision That Changed Everything” and realize the finality of fate.  But later, Oklahoma has a second chance when a bossy narrator and a hot young librarian tempt Oklahoma back into the adventurous life.

The plot twists and turns as major decisions in this “choose your own adventure” are decided by the audience. Gun or whip? Run or fight? Kiss her or not? The audience decides! The play comes complete with multiple endings depending how the audience chooses. With over 25 choice combinations, it will be a unique adventure every night.

Parody, adventure and humor abound in this original action adventure:  Gun fights, check; booby trapped rooms, check; sultry women, check; Germanic troops, check; sexy scenes check; heroics, check; tongue-in-cheek asides, yep. And even a song or two!

Followers of Marrero and Shultz can anticipate the level of comedic entertainment as they chart the path to saving the world

Oklahoma Smith and the Pantheon of Annihilation is the first full-length play written by Marrero and Shultz.

Marrero is an award winning artist and co-owner of Art Space Key West. He has directed numerous shorts for the Red Barn as well as serving as co-creative director for Short Attention Span Theatre 2011 and Short Attention Span Theatre 2012 – The Key West Edition.

Shultz is a local writer and business owner and author of a several, best-selling local books. He has also directed Red Barn Theatre’s Short Attention Span Theatre productions.

Watch for the obvious lampoon of favorite Indiana Jones episodes, augmented with song, and also, mentions of H.P. Lovecraft and Castro, and an evil Russian or two, as the adventure is drawn to the Pantheon of Annihilation and fate is revealed to be not at all what it seems.

The set design by Gary McDonald with set painters Rick Worth and Justin Esquinaldo reflects half a world of dark hell holes and sunny days.  Elizabeth Love provides a daunting list of props and costumes.

The cast includes local favorites Landon Bradbary as Oklahoma Smith, Erin McKenna as Mistress Nefarious, Carolyn Cooper as Sally the whore with the heart of gold, Chad Newman as Oklahoma’s sidekick Beanpole, with Brandon Beach and Pony Charvert playing everyone else from Fidel Castro to singing Sirens.


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