OPENING TUESDAY, MARCH 28 (with a special Reduced-Price Preview on Monday, March 27th)! Mark St. Germain's smart and humorous CAMPING WITH HENRY AND TOM...starring Barry Tarallo as Henry Ford, Richard Grusin as Thomas Edison, and Michael McCabe at President Warren G. Harding. See what (might have) happened when these three titans of the 20th Century go camping together. “Witty, elegant, and enormously entertaining…literate, funny, and captivating!” — NY Daily News

Still The Old Class Clown, Just A Lot Older

Feb 26, 2017 thru Feb 27, 2017

Written By: Gerri Louise Gates

Directed By: Gerri Louise Gates

A Stand-Up Evening of Comedy starring Gerri Louise Gates. TWO NIGHTS ONLY!

The one and only irrepressible and irreverant Gerri Louise takes the Red Barn by storm. Always the funniest person in the room, be prepared for anything and everything, so buckle up…it’s going to be a bumpy, hilarious ride!

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