OPENING TUESDAY, APRIL 25 (with a special Reduced-Price Preview on Monday, April 24th)! One of our all-time favorite shows! SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE!! All new for 2017! Our theme is "Brief Encounters", and you won't believe what you're going to see! Come laugh with us! Tickets on sale now!


Nov 1, 2016 thru Nov 19, 2016

Written By: Bob Bowersox

Directed By: Bob Bowersox

A non-subscription Special Event!

The World Premiere of the new original play by Key West playwright Bob Bowersox.

David Steele is the venerable anchor for World News Network, who for 35 years has been the most respected voice in television news. But on this particular night, Steele announces live on-air that he is not who he has purported to be all these years, but is actually Jesus Christ, returning because things are so botched up in the world that he could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch it deteriorate further. Needless to say, all hell breaks loose…so to speak…

“Not quite as Scripture predicted….”

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