AUDITIONS FOR CAMPING WITH HENRY AND TOM BY MARK ST. GERMAIN MONDAY, MAY 30......5 to 7 PM at the RED BARN THEATRE DIRECTED BY MURPHY DAVIS PRODUCTION DATES; MARCH 28 - APRIL 15 Based on a 1921 camping trip taken by Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and President Warren Harding. It is a fiction suggested by facts. ROLES: (all open) HENRY FORD: Industrialist; brilliant and full of ego; 50's. WARREN G. HARDING: 29th President of the United States; never wanted the job; 50's THOMAS ALVA EDISON: Inventor; dry wit; late 60's, 70's COLONEL EDMUND STARLING: Secret Service Man; good at his job; 30's, 40's "Witty, elegant and enormously entertaining; unusually literate, funny and captivating" New York Daily News

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