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Time Stands Still

Mar 12, 2013 thru Apr 13, 2013

Written By: Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies

Directed By: Joy Hawkins

“ What a thought provoking powerful play,” said Bobby Nesbitt. “The four actors were terrific and I was really captivated by their story. Don’t miss it!”

Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play

Tuesdays through Saturdays at 8 pm, March 12 through April 13

Red Barn Theatre proudly presents Time Stands Still, written by Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies and directed by Joy Hawkins. Opening March 12, the gripping drama is about the evolution of relationships set in an environment of intense social issues.  It was nominated for two Tony awards. “The finest new Broadway play of the year” said the New York Times.

During our recent visit to KW, we had the opportunity to attend a performance of Time Stands Still.
Bravo!!!!!    A great story;  poignant, and very real.  Great theater.
Our compliments to ALL for a great production, and performance!!!

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Rich & Anita Fanning

Sarah, (George DiBraud) a photojournalist injured in Iraq, and James, (Dave Bootle) a foreign correspondent, fell in love while covering the world’s most dangerous stories and devoting themselves to making a difference. When the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life, the hidden kernels of conflict emerge.

She returns home after barely surviving a bomb blast in Iraq,  and James cares for her in their New York apartment. Her recovery thrusts her into the safe, comfortable world of New York colleagues and couples…a world that could prove more dangerous than a battlefield.

She’s caught off-guard by James’ desire for family, and by the simple domestic life pursued by Richard, her editor (Doug Shook)  and his much younger girlfriend, Mandy (Amber McDonald Good).  Sarah’s fiery personality and drive continue while her lover and friend look toward “settling down.”

The contrast between Sarah, James and Richard’s warm long-time friendship nourished by their shared war stories and the new domesticity of her charming publisher and his much younger — and much more innocent — girlfriend both focus (and blur) the dilemma. Pressed to consider settling into a “normal” life, Sarah must confront her addiction to the drama and chaos of war.

First off, hats off to Joy Hawkins for casting Dave Bootle in the male lead. He brought vitality to the play which permeates all scenes and characters. Joy’s direction is impeccable. I’ve seen the play in a “big city” theater. The Red Barn production was far better and full of life. An entertaining and hopeful conception of what in a less able director’s care and a different cast could have been a downer. The laughs abound while a timeless stories of different kinds of love unfolds. A MUST SEE.Neal Ruchman

Margulies’ credits include a long list of awards and prestigious grants in addition to his Pulitzer. His script is a witty, intelligent and fascinating look at what happens when ordinary life is refracted through the lens of war.  

The characters are well-written, warm, funny and human.  The central dilemma is recognizable  to all of us:  What to do when you and the person you love are at different points in your lives.

“The performances were ensemble acting at it’s best – a great story, tightly directed and beautifully acted.  A great evening in the theater – good for The Red Barn!” — Judith Daykin

The cast is made up of popular local performers.  Amber McDonald grew up in Red Barn theatre, daughter of two of its founders, where she was cast as the baby in A Streetcar Named Desire when only a few months old. Her credits in New York and LA include Smallville, Law and Order, As the World Turns, Hide and Seek and many more.

George diBraud has been with Red Barn since the early days and her credits include The Vagina Monologues, Keely and Du, Abundance, Shel Silverstein’s The Bathroom Plays, The Food Chain, and others in Key West and at Waterfront Playhouse in Key West.

Canadian born, Dave Bootle has been on stage since the age of 15 when his first paid gig was playing drums along side his British born pianist father. He is a musician and has been a gymnast, stuntman High Fall Specialist and Stunt Fight Choreographer. He is a popular solo performer at LaTeDa.

Doug Shook is chef at Louie’s Backyard and steps into the spotlight at Red Barn from time to time.  The Key West Citizen called him “immensely versatile” in Becky’s New Car, and his role in this play highlights the depth of his talents.

Director Joy Hawkins, is Artistic Director of Red Barn Theatre and has directed for the Barn since day one, thirty-three years ago. She has also directed productions at Tennessee Williams Theatre and in theatres in every quadrant of the nation.  Her performance credits include television’s The Dean Martin Show, Broadway, Las Vegas and regional theatres from Michigan to Florida to Scotland.

Margulies described the meaning of the play was “to capture a sense of the way we live now, to dramatize the things that thinking, feeling, moral people are thinking about and struggle with.” The Los Angeles Times called it “compelling.”

The New York Times said “the heart of Time Stands Still lies in the gently evolving relationship between Sarah and James, which develops troubling new ripples in each scene.” The New York Daily News said Margulies “writes with intelligence and humour and creates dialogue that always hits the ear as real.”

Time Stands Still runs Tuesdays through Saturdays,  March 12 through April 13 at 8 PM. Tickets are available at, by phone at 296-9911 and from the Box Office, 319 Duval Street, rear.  Save with season subscription tickets for multiple shows!  Talk to the box office about group prices for your family, business team or Sunday School class, and the very special “Dinner and a Show” with the Pier House HarbourView Café.

Photo Credit:  Roberta DePiero and Marsha Williams

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