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Jul 24, 2017


Presented by Theatre XP and The Studios of Key West
Helmerich Theatre, The Studios of Key West
533 Eaton Street, Key West

5 Directors, 10 Actors, 5 Powerful Monologues

TWICE TOLD TALES is an exciting and fun twist to a theatrical staple as old as theatre itself –
the monologue.

Normally relegated to the heart of a play, or made a tool of directors for auditions, the monologue – one actor, solo on stage, delivering a single speech that hopefully has power, emotion, message, and connection – has never really been allowed to come out of the chorus line and stand center-stage.
Until now.

TWICE TOLD TALES is an evening of five monologues, each delivered twice….once each by two different actors, guided by a single director in hopefully two completely different directions.

  • Each director will get one monologue and two actors. The actors might be of different genders or sexual orientations, but two actors of the same gender could also be used. Each group of three is then given one monologue.
  • The directors will work with each actor separately in rehearsal, developing the monologue. The only caveat is that the monologue must be developed in two completely different ways…meaning interpretation or delivery or emotion or intent or all of them.

The evening will then be each monologue, delivered in its dual iterations, back to back.

A fascinating look at how direction and approach can completely change the impact of a piece of theater.

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